Albertsons Weekly Ad Tucson March 21 - 27, 2018

Albertsons Weekly Ad Tucson March 21 - 27, 2018 - Turkeys came cooked but frozen and vacuum-packed. Potato slurry was frozen Albertson (caliber TV dinner), potatoes, as well as filling. There were no other supplements like sweet potatoes or vegetables. They said they spent more in prize, but they did not. So I personally think that it took as much time to coordinate heating and heating, and the turkey prices were almost three times higher. We bought 3 and, as I said, we were shocked when we found everything we froze!

Soooo just jumped up. I felt that everything was completely ruined for the money and the preparation time to be so comfortable. (We did not want to sleep because they prepared for turkey meat, we were told to come here at 6:00 to pick up everything.) I think the only thing I felt was to save my time was to peel potatoes. I could just have left and grab some of their frozen potatoes myself. I did not need this included in the total price for twice what I paid to buy everything by buying it myself.

It was also completely useless ... you ordered and did not pay until you picked it up. You did not get a recipe or an order number, so I was a little afraid that I knew I was responsible for bringing Turkey to 20 hungry family members and dear! I have to say that everything tasted good. Not over the top, but it was not soaked.

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